2. Accepting Offers, Rich Specifics, Physicality and Commitment


    This post is about things you can do in your improv sets that provide instant gratification in terms of laughter from the audience and are also usually (though not always) healthy for your scene overall.

    I’m thinking about when you’re about to do an indie show and you just want to HAVE FUN, but so often that urge results in terrible aimless chaotic shows.

    Here are things you can do that are easy, that get you INSTANT LAUGHS, you validation-hungry whores, and will USUALLY help your scene even though they are not technically things that address directly the fundamentals of a good scene.

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  3.     Marilyn Monroe wore this blouse in “The River of No Return” and ever since I saw it I’ve been completely obsessed. She wore it with dark high waisted skinny jeans and flat boots, and sometimes it slid off her shoulders and that’s when it looked extra gorgeous. Every time I thrift I search for a similar blouse and surprisingly I have yet to find one that comes close! I’ve got my American Apparel easy jeans and some flat ankle boots ready for when I do…and when I do I’m gonna go find me some mountains! ALSO how ridiculously pretty does she look with long hair…It’s just too much for me to take.

  4. …..I need to go to a $1 dollar Sunday at Jet Rag. RIGHT MEOW! (or sunday)

  5. So I thought I needed to wait until Halloween to wear platform sneakers, but why wait! I love these. I’ll probably leave the 10 inch platforms for Baby Spice for now, but those white 3 inch Steve Maddens look perfect.

  6. I wonder how hard it would be to buy some fur and glue them onto my heels cause…..I want these! 



         So….I never thought I had any supernatural gifts…..But last night I found that I can bring things back from the DEAD. Clothes specifically. About a month ago I thrifted an adorable dark blue gingham mini baby-doll dress with daisy trim at the waist line. It was the perfect length and just roomy enough through the bust to be super I wore it like everyday that first week it was the perfect dress to throw on with a flannel around my waist, or a jean jacket! It was washed and then….DRIED. When I put it on it barely covered my butt and was super tight on my chest NOOOOOO. So i panicked, but then calmly typed into Google “how to unshrink clothes”. Turns out it’s as easy as soaking your piece in some Aveeno baby shampoo/wash for a bit. Then wring out all the excess liquid DO NOT RINSE. Then lay the garment flat on a towel and roll it up and squeeze out the water until it’s damp. Lay the clothing on a new towel and stretch it gently. Pull horizontally and vertically and every way where it felt it had shrunk. Some people say you should let it dry flat, but I hung my dress on a hanger hoping gravity would help stretch it a little more. And it did (I think)! My dress is perfect again and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried this with a couple other pieces and it’s been successful every time! Try it!

  8. …and that apartment must include all the original tile work and of course the original claw foot bathtub. 

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  9. This season I’m craving natural beauty. I’m embracing my natural texture, which is almost non-existent. And although I don’t plan on swearing off foundation, I do plan on a more natural eye! Rosy, pink, sun-kissed cheeks. I’m digging Claudia’s beachy hair, and Winona’s and Milla’s classic natural look is so doable. And Diane Rosser, despite working blue eyebrows and kool-aid hair, is showing her natural texture and rocking like no makeup. To get the look finger comb conditioner through your hair in the shower. After you’ve rinsed wrap your hair up in a towel since you don’t need to worry about your hair fuzzing up a bit, that’s part of the fun! When your hair is no longer wet, take it down and let it air dry while you sleep or do whatever you to get for the day. DO NOT brush out your hair while it’s wet. Not only can it damage your hair but it’ll dry all dumb and poopy. Once its dry work in some dry shampoo for some volume and texture et voilà! Cool natural texture. If your ends are a bit rough smooth on a nice oil for some! 
    For the face: I’d say if you can go naked and just use concealer where you need it, but if you are a normal human use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. OR if you’re like me and need a bit more coverage fucking do it. It’ll look great if you keep the rest of the makeup natural. Blush, chapstick, mascara. AND brow shadow of course for this season’s full brows. Or if you’re like Diane, blue eyeshadow. YAS.

  10.      I’ve always been the girl with flowers in her hair. Daisies were always my favorite, a close second were those tiny pink flowers that grow rampant in the valley. For my high school graduation I picked about 30 jasmine flowers and stuck them in my long auburn waves. When I see girls wearing crowns made out of fake flowers, it just kind of makes me sad. No longer is a flower in your hair a sign of your connection to nature or as a symbol of love or innocence or beauty, it’s just become a sort of talisman guaranteeing the wearer to be viewed as superior and indie and trendy all at once. The idea of wearing fresh fragrant flowers on your head is so freeing and romantic and special. I tried my hand at making a serious flower crown (pictures above are exhibit A), made of pilfered blooms and wire, just like the ones I’d seen on hundreds of blogs. And as pretty as it looked, it didn’t feel as sweet as just picking a single blossom and sliding it in your hair. And now that every girl around has made a crown of real or fake flowers a must-have accessory, it sort of takes the whimsy and freedom out of the experience for me! My mom told me a story about her days as a young flower child in San Francisco. She and her mother would lay in golden gate park making daisy chains for hours with all the other hippies and when they were done they would dance in the brisk salty air on the grass by the bay. They were times she felt truly connected to the people and felt so much love and understanding, even at the ripe old age of 7. Maybe it was that she was just a girl and didn’t feel the pressures of such a confusing time. Maybe it was that she lived in a city famous for its overwhelming peace and acceptance. Whatever it was, she looked into the faces of people she hardly knew with trust and love and knew they shared the same basic ideal: Love one another. In a city like Los Angeles it’s hard to ever feel that way about a strange face. And with all that I’ve seen and how you can be treated in a cold city like this, compassion for your fellow man is hard to keep hold of. I guess I shouldn’t care if people think I’m a true “free spirit” or not when I wear a daisy behind my ear. I should just do it because it reminds me to love like my mother did once.