1. This season I’m craving natural beauty. I’m embracing my natural texture, which is almost non-existent. And although I don’t plan on swearing off foundation, I do plan on a more natural eye! Rosy, pink, sun-kissed cheeks. I’m digging Claudia’s beachy hair, and Winona’s and Milla’s classic natural look is so doable. And Diane Rosser, despite working blue eyebrows and kool-aid hair, is showing her natural texture and rocking like no makeup. To get the look finger comb conditioner through your hair in the shower. After you’ve rinsed wrap your hair up in a towel since you don’t need to worry about your hair fuzzing up a bit, that’s part of the fun! When your hair is no longer wet, take it down and let it air dry while you sleep or do whatever you to get for the day. DO NOT brush out your hair while it’s wet. Not only can it damage your hair but it’ll dry all dumb and poopy. Once its dry work in some dry shampoo for some volume and texture et voilà! Cool natural texture. If your ends are a bit rough smooth on a nice oil for some! 
    For the face: I’d say if you can go naked and just use concealer where you need it, but if you are a normal human use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. OR if you’re like me and need a bit more coverage fucking do it. It’ll look great if you keep the rest of the makeup natural. Blush, chapstick, mascara. AND brow shadow of course for this season’s full brows. Or if you’re like Diane, blue eyeshadow. YAS.

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